How do you find out the bitrate of an audio stream?


Whether it is:

Can this be figured out using code?

You can find it out using the browser’s dev tools. Example for Chrome - go to the network tab and refresh the page, you’ll see the responses from the server on the left. The third one is the audio stream. If you click on it, you can see the Response Headers on the right, it says

ice-audio-info: channels=2, samplerate=44100, bitrate=96

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Edit: Just saw a reply came in as i was posting. . . soooo, what they said

you can use your dev tools. when you open dev tools, go the network tab. then you should see a media option. If you have the stream going and there is nothing in the media tab, refresh your page. if you clicc on the media it should show you in the response headers. Like this particular stream in the example has a bitrate of 96.

Depending on the site, access to the headers/response may be blocced.

Alternatively, I believe certain stream players(VLC, RealPlayer, WM Player) might show you as well


How do I view headers?

Double clicc on the stream name and it should open up an info pane

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