How do you host images for your front end designs?

Sometimes I lose the images in my projects due to links breaking. How can I get around that?

You can create a github repo and upload images there, then in your project you can link images from your github repo.


Thank you! I never thought of that.

What about if I want to put my files into a directory? Like img / imgfile.jpg?

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. You have to create a directory from a computer. Can’t be done online.

You saved more than a life :wink: I was stuck on it for my Portfolio

I’ve used Cloudinary, an image hosting and processing site with a very generous free tier, for the last year and haven’t had any problems with it.

Also they have a great option to compressed the images, which can save you a lot of data and improve your page speed.

it’s crazy sometimes it works and sometimes link is broke. I don’t know why

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Yes, it doesn’t really work for me either.

postimage is free and works pretty well. I’ve used it in many projects. Good luck :smiley: