How do you leave the freeCodeCamp forum once you enter it?

It may seem like a stupid question but I feel like the UI is nicely designed aside from one thing - coming into the forums: from the primary site where you can view your challenges / tutorials I can’t find a way back out unless I search on google again or use the browser’s “back” button until I’m out of forums. Clicking the menu bar icon on the top right only only gives forum options, the search is to search forums, the “freeCodeCamp” title on the top left brings you to the forums once you are on the forums, where as it used to bring you to the home page before you enter the forums. Your profile on the most top right gives you a view of your messages…

Once you enter into there seems to be no way out. Am I wrong? Can anyone go to the forums main page and confirm / have a look?

You can only use the Back button on your browser to go back to the primary site (there’s a keyboard shortcut for that: Alt+). I’m not sure if it’s possible to add a link back to on the forum’s navbar.

That’s a good point! Apart from right-clicking and selecting open window in new tab or doing as @kevcomedia has suggested, there doesn’t seem to be another way at the moment. It might be worth leaving feedback in the support category that you think this should be a feature. They could perhaps add a target="_blank" attribute to the forum anchor tags to open the forum link in a new tab, instead of the current one.

Yeah I found it really strange :slight_smile:. I mean it’s ok if it opened in a new tab or the forum is accessed another way, but if you access it from the main freeCodeCamp site but enter a place where there’s no way back it suggests this new location is a completely new thing (such as clicking on a external link on a site), but you are still on freecodecamp just in the forum section so it should have a way to go back. I might leave a feedback later but I’m a bit busy now to recreate this topic lol.

Probably the Forum link on FCC should open in a new tab. You can request this improvement as a GitHub Issue. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue.

Yeah, in the couple months i have been on this forums i have never seen a way to get back.

Maybe make it so when you click on the

freeCodeCamp() picture or click on the 3 dashes, it could bring you back. Even this might be confusing to new person trying to memorize the UI

Try to keep in mind that the forum and the curriculum are completely separate entities. While FCC tries to make them stylistically similar, they aren’t part of the same application or the same UI.

Just put a link somewhere, a tags?

Yes but that’s not the issue here. They are related, and the original FCC has a link to here. It should have a link to go back, especially since the original link to the forums on FCC is not shown as an external link but a UI button. That UI button is simply gone and there is no button to go back after that, it’s not the best design to assume one would want to go to the forums but not back unless they back through multiple pages or search for FCC again.

It’s already being discussed:

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