How do you use images on a live website?

Hi I am new to web development and I am just wondering how would you use your own images on a live website? Say you have completed the design of a website, as they are stored locally on your pc, would you have to uplaod them somewhere? and i guess this would also go for your css file as well. Where would you put these for your website to go live?

If you’ve built a purely static website, just HTML and CSS and images, then yes. The HTML file needs to be somewhere online, the CSS file needs to be somewhere on the web (that the HTML file can request it) and the images need to be available on the web.

If the only copy of those images are on your own local machine, anyone on any other machine won’t see them.

Typically, it would mean setting up a server environment of some sort. There are many options for that, and every designer/developer has one that they would suggest.

For you, just getting started and wanting to get your feet wet, github pages may be more than enough. There, you can simply push (using git) the entire development directory, containing HTML, CSS and images, and they’ll all be available and accesible.

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