How does your desk look as a programmer?




My version is just a laptop on my lap, usually in bed while my wife watches something on TV and the dog sleeping on my ankles. Then inevitably my wife goes to sleep and I code in the dark for a couple more hours with ever increasingly numb ankles.


Same here. I actually have a normal computer with big monitor, but I don’t feel I need it and coding in bed somehow feels more comfortable.

I wish I could get comfortable coding in bed.

Unlike most people, I like giant laptops. My laptop is 18" MSI. It kicks major ass and I love being able to have 10 tabs open in FireFox, 10 open in Chrome, Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and Photoshop all running at once and have that using only like half my memory. It also has the hardware of a $2,500 Mac at $1500 less the price. Another thing I love about my laptop is it doesn’t have one of those annoying hipster glossy screens. It has the old-fashioned, professional anti-glare type so I can code in direct sunlight or with 20 ugly lights all around and not be effected.

For lessons or things when I need more screen real estate, I hook up to my 50" TV via HDMI. I also use an ergonomic keyboard by Fellowes and a Handshake style mouse by Evoluent, and can’t forget the Markus Chair by Ikea.

I have a lot of muscle issues so these things are all necessary for me to just be comfortable, kinda sad, considering the fact that I’m only 27 and otherwise in great shape.

Btw, my desk looks like a mess. There is always either energy drinks or beer on it too. I spend all my time coding and learning coding lately and not enough organizing.


I’m using a laptop and Duet to add an external iOS display. It lets me code anywhere.
Occasionally, I put a small folding table on top of the main table to make it a standing workstation.
I’ve also got a left over wireless keyboard from an iPad that I use for an ergonomic switch, especially when the laptop is higher than flat.

Wherever I can: Library, shelter, friends couch. I try not to set my laptop on my lap too much because of over heating issues and the hard drive falls out a lot lol.

My desk changes few times a week. What’s constant is the laptop and sth to drink. The rest differs depending which part of the flat I’m in. You can have a look how it changes here:
What I love most is this standing position with one additional screen. It’s most comfortable.

Generally the less around you, the better. Another important thing is making the space your own so whether it’s one or more, you need to feel comfy and focused in it. Have a look at this:

I’m happy to see almost all of you are using laptops. I’m using an old but still very nice Dell XPS 16 from 2009 ! The only thing I really miss about it is a second monitor. I say this because I always had two screens at the job and it really helps, having Visual Studio Code on one, and the browser on the other.

I manage by splitting my 17" screen windows in halves but that’s not very practical.

My “Desk” is our dinning table. I just move the laptop there when it’s quite late and the kids are in bed. I’m usually on the laptop from 9pm to 12. Most often too tired to really focus on anything, but lastly I read a lot about anything frontend related.

I also can’t do anything serious with the touchpad. So i’ve got a mouse hooked. Also can’t do without headphones!

I’ve gotten used to not having a second monitor with the workspace switching in Ubuntu. It’s only a key-combo away, so it’s practically as convenient as glancing from one screen to another.

I use 4 workspaces in total: one for VSC, one for terminals, one for live browser of whatever I’m working on, and the final one has another browser for docs, my music player (Pithos - awesome Pandora client), trello, pomello, FCC forum…all that jazz.

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My desk looks like someone dumped a box of junk on it, and then the junk got together and started having baby junk. I’m now staring at many generations of junk with its own junk ecosystem.


A messy desk is a well established sign of creative genius.

I was a computer enthusiast in high school so I’ve accumulated quite a bit of tech stuff. I got a big tower on the flower and a triple monitor set up with a mechanical keyboard

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Budget set up. Got my trusty Macbook Pro (2010, upgraded this summer), $50 second hand monitor and logitech keyboard and of course some books to allow for proper ergonomics when sitting. The desk was $15 from a our local re-build-it centre. Once I start making money from programming again I will look into upgrading :slight_smile:

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This is how I work on my working place

I love laptop stands for bed, because you can easy work in your bed, yeah, sometimes you need to get up, to do some exercise.
I work as freelancer and this stand help me to rest when im working!:grinning: