Nowhere else to turn: Comfortable chair for coding?

I relocated some months ago and I lack a chair for coding, so I mostly sit in bed. (I have exactly no furniture save a bed and a dresser.) I’m interested in recommendations for either a decent chair for a desk or a standing desk recommendation for a Macbook Pro. The bed sitting is going to catch up to my spine someday.


Standing desk is much healthier. Dont lock your knees though!

Visit office depot and try out different chairs. Sometimes, the plain-est looking chair is more comfortable than the high-tech, more expensive looking ones.

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Indeed, we have a $1,000 humanscale chair at work that’s amazing. But wow, money.

Keep in mind how much time you’ll be spending on this chair. If you’re only on it for 1 hour per day, you can go cheaper. If you’re going to be working on this thing for a full day, you’ll want to spring the big bucks. Like you said, your spine is at stake.

I’ve had back issues with sitting a bit in the past and was recommended a yoga ball. Sitting on one of those forces you to correct your posture constantly. I don’t have any experience with one yet, but plan to try it soon.

If you’re interested in standing desks but don’t want to dump tons of money into an adjustable one right away, you could try a cardboard standing desk. I’ve also not tried these, but have heard a lot of good things. This is an example, but go ahead and shop around. The reason I decided not to go down this route is because I’ve heard that with standing desks it is important to mix standing and sitting together.

I’m with @owel. Go camp out at an office supply store and just spend a lot of time in each chair.

You can find some in Amazon i guess. you should get one as soon as possible because working on the bed can hurt your code and make sometimes not focused enough. It can lead you to error within the code. You can use some programs to help you detect them. such as checkamrx or others but it recommended to avoid them as much as possible.
Good luck!

You can still slouch on a yoga ball, and the height is unlikely to be correct for a desk unless you can adjust the desk height…