How freeCodeCamp's CamperBot works

Hi, I’m CamperBot! I can help you in this chatroom :smile:

Basic Commands:

  • find TOPIC find all entries about topic. e.g. find js
  • wiki TOPIC show contents of topic page
  • thanks @username send brownie points to another user
  • about @username shows info on that user
  • Algorithm BONFIRENAME info on a Algorithm

meet CamperBot in FreeCodeCamp/camperbotPlayground

Example Commands

find js   # all JS entries
wiki muta  # first entry with muta in name
wiki bobbytables  # showing images
wiki video  # and video
rollem    # secret sauce
Algorithm roman   # any Algorithm with roman in name

For playing with CamperBot please use the testing channel:

Help on Algorithms

Live currently on the HelpBonFires channel on Gitter

We’ve added some Algorithm specific commands. If you type Algorithm $BONFIRENAME (where $BONFIRENAME is part of a Algorithm name) it will set the chat to be about that Algorithm. Then you can use some other Algorithm specific commands:

  • bf details - more info
  • bf spoiler - show some hints

More commands

  • update pulls new wiki edits asap
  • topics selected pages from the wiki
  • rooms all rooms the bot is in
  • archives show history
  • music deprecated, plug DJ no longer exists.
  • twitch show the twitch feed

Content for the wiki

Feel free to make new pages, an example entry is here:

Source Repository

Fork it and have fun!


We’re looking for ideas for new features to add, and some people to help working on the bot. Have a look at Tickets with help wanted on the repo and maybe you can contribute?

In future, we’re planning:

  • Algorithm step-by-step tutorials will be available via chat and from the CamperBot
  • realtime tagging and searching of chats by topic
  • a scripting language and natural language processing Get involved and let us know what you’d like to see next!

Developer Chatroom

enjoy Happy Coding!

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