How GitHub Page Internal Link System Work?

Hi there!

I have a site located on To link to any page of the site, I just do this: Go to <a href='page2'>page2</a>. When I try to click this link I’m getting 404. After analyzing, I discovered that the linking system does not work properly. It creates the link like this instead of I tried to change the link as <a href='/page2'> or <a href='./page2'> still nothing.

Do you have any idea? or a suggestion?

When I set up a subpage on my GitHub Pages, I had to use href="./page2.html
It needed the file extension to properly locate and load the file.

I tried this but does not work. Reason why I’m a bit confused.

Ah! My apologies but I was wrong.

I did not use the “./” relative path indicator. Here’s my file structure:

And here’s the link in my index.html file: href="Certifications/certs.html"