How I got my first interview call from a top tech company at just 17

So a little background about myself, I am senior in high school in India, I started to learn program at 15 but I really turned the cushion in the last one year as it became part of my daily routine.

How did I start to learn?

I initially started using the freecodecamp curricula I used to complete the courses on here and then take up a course on the same on coursera or other MOOCs to make myself comfortable and also get some more projects under the belt.

Courses I took
HTML,CSS AND JS by John Hopkins University, Python for All by Michigan state University, Javascript the weird parts and Full stack web development course on Udemy, however I have not completed it yet.

The learning curve

As I said I did stuff from FCC and took up courses but I was really forgetting about the concepts very soon if I didn’t work on the thing I learnt in the next week. So I downloaded the W2S schools app and tutorialspoint app to read everyday about whatever I learn , it took just 15 mins each day and believe me it works a fortune. You can remember everything once you start to program on the editor if you just follow this step.

Also along with this the FCC algorithmic challenges are one of the best you could imagine. Since my Job profile was a Javascript intern , I brushed up on all the algorithms a day before and it helped a lot.

About the Company and Interview

The company was Sokrati, a leading Digital Marketing company and the job profile to fetch data from their clients and also make and improve the current JS codebase and also debug the code sent by the clients.

I applied using their website and got a call from the HR in the next week. The first thing was a coding test where they tested me on 2 algorithmic questions in Javascript, I aced it and was scheduled for a telephonic interview the next week( Day before yesterday),

The interview format was 6 easy questions , 2 medium and 2 hard, I answered most but was stuck in a couple as the interviewer literally asked for the syntax , it was pretty hard to explain it verbally.

I read about Javascript interview questions a day before from multiple sites and most questions were pretty similar to that in the interview. The results for the interview will probably be announced in a couple of weeks.

I was having my final school exams during that time too but the HR was really helpful in getting me scheduled for a convenient date.

I just cannot stress enough on how FCC and the community has helped me throughout a big up to Quincy and team.

If you finding a job or internship, hope this helps and its all good luck wished from my sides.



@nikhilmufc7 Congratulations on all your progress as a developer, even while you’re still busy finishing high school!

It sounds like you’ve been using lots of awesome additional courses, too.

I hope this opportunity works out for you. It would be a great way to kick off your developer career. Either way, you have a ton of time and opportunities out there, and you seem like the kind of bold person who’s able to put themselves out there.


Thanks a lot @QuincyLarson it means a lot coming from you :slight_smile:

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@nikhilmufc7 it seems like u and i are of same age and country, u recently have given boards right? what are u planning to do after 12th grade?

hi @QuincyLarson, i am a civil engineer first year student, i was not able to take cse due to some factors, it was my parents wish too and i am weak student too. is there anything possible for me in this field? do u know an civil engineers who code, i want some inspiration. i like programming very much and have been coding since 8th or 9th grade, but never learned or achieved much.

Sure - I think we have a lot of civil engineers within our community who have either are either learning to code or already working as developers.

If you can’t change you major, then I suggest you get as much practice coding as possible through freeCodeCamp and other online resources, then try to get a developer internship anyway. Once you have some experience, I don’t think many people will care what your major is.

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