How I got my mid/senior level developer job in 8 months!

Hey Campers!

I’ve read so many inspiring stories on here about other campers journeys to getting their first developers job, and now I’m super proud to be able to share mine after getting my first front-end developer position 2 weeks ago! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I posted my article on Medium, check it out:

Thanks again campers! I get inspired every day from this forum


WoW that is so awesome! Thank you so much for sharing and I love the timeline feel, as well as your tips and acknowledging the setbacks along the way.

All the best success to you in your new…not job, but career!!


Thanks mate! I appreciate the support and feedback :slight_smile:

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Thanks Egmeier :smiley: :heart:

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Mega Cool! , and thank you for sharing your steps, Go Perseverance!
Happy Coding!!

Haha yeah!! Perseverance FTW!