I got my first dev job. Thanks FCC

Hey guys, I think it’s important for me to share my story because it may motivate some of you.

I’m brazilian, 28 years old, and I had no background in coding. 'Till now, I’ve been working as a bank teller , for 4 years, and I hated it, so I left my job to try something else before I get too much old lol.

So I decided to become a developer exactly in july, 18, after watching this video. I made a commitment to myself that I would study at least 8 hours/day to see how long it would take for me to get my first job.

So I took about 4 months of study untill my first job. But I was checking the spreadsheet I made to control my studytime, and I realize that I studied only about 5 hours a day (wknds not included). It’s a little hard to follow the schedule when your are in home all day, you end up doing all kind of things in the house, and its time consuming lol.

Anyway, at first I started with some free online courses in SQL and programming logic and HTML. I also studyied a little about tests, because I had no clue how to get in the tecnology area. I was feeling myself very confused.

Thanks God, I dont know how I found an article in medium about Free Code Camp, and I loved it. It was september , 27, coincidently, my birthday, and I started immediatly studying it.

From 3 weeks to now, while I was listening to a brazilian front-end podcast, I figured out that I was kind of ready to apply to jr front end roles. So I started to look around some opportunities in my region.
And this was very fast for me, I applied for about 20 front end jobs. But all of them was asking for experience. But there where 2 of them that weren’t.
This 2 are publicity agencies, and they called me back to set an interview. Both agencies asked me to take a PSD and code in HTML, CSS and JS, and I made this two in one week. And one of them hired me =D. The other agency did not respond yet, but I will stay with the first one because it’s near my home.

I actually am at Wikipedia Viewer, in FCC.

Now I’ll wait my first salary to buy some cool stuff in FCC shop, as gratitude. =)

Feel free to ask me any questions. Merry Christmas to you all.

(and sorry if my english it’s a bit awkward… lol)


Congratulations @TiagoFuelber ! You are an inspiration!
I wish you the best with your new job! :smile:

Thanks for your story dude. Im about to take a break from school and finish freecodecamp hopefully next month so I can apply for jobs like you did. Good luck. Wait, did you say you only have up until the Wiki-Viewer done? NO way!!!

Good job man! Congratulation:+1:

Hi @TiagoFuelber thanks for sharing your story!

Mind sharing with the community how the first months of work went? Did you find hard getting together with more experienced people (in terms of terminology and practical work organization)? What was the most surprising thing you experienced? What should we be aware of, going into our first job as web developers?

Thank you so much and late congrats!

Thank you for sharing your story.

Hi. I’m just reaching 2 months working and it’s beeing great.

I work with two developers, one back-end and one front-end, and it’s very nice to work with experienced people. They help me a lot with all kind of stuff I need and this makes me learn a lot.

As I’m learning both front and back-end, the most difficult things to me in the beggining are related to PHP (which I had no background), servers, MVC and codeigniter. But, now after 2 months I got quite better in that.

I guess I had no surprinsing thing yet . Most things are just new to me that they can’t be surprising.

If I need to give you advice on what you should know before start a first job, would be: study some MVC framework to understand how it works. It makes some things easier later.


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Thanks for posting this @TiagoFuelber , i am Brazilian too, i have been studying since September, hm what brazilian podcast where you listening to?

Congratulations! This is definitely an inspiration. What made you feel like you were ready enough to start applying?

@AndreiCalazans It was Dev Na Estrada. Very nice podcast.But now I’m listening more podcasts in english.

@rarevalo92 Like I said, In this podcast I was listening, I figured out that the most Jr roles you just have to understand the basics of HTML, CSS and JS, and have done few simple projects. So this motivated me to start searching.


Awesome congrats man

Thanks for the share. There seems to be a lot of misconception in the business that a junior should know everything. That’s what I had been told, that one myth helded me back almost 10 years. Thanks for the realistic story.

Thank you buddy for sharing your story! Glad to hear you quit your former job.

@josips9 Thanks man. I just want to clear things up that I wasn’t prepared to quit my job. So I gone through 1 and half year almost broke (my initial idea wasn’t programming) and I wouldn’t do this again. It was very hard times to me.

Também sou brasileiro e isso deu uma motivação extra xD congrats

Wohoo!!! Go you! So happy for you x