How i relove this?

How can i represent ((a^2)+(b^2))^0.5?

First, do you know how to calculate a2 on paper?

How can i without a*a

If I tell you to calculate 182, how would you calculate it?

How can i represent a^0.5 in java

True, but what does the ^.0.5 represent in Java? What is another way of expressing this in mathematics?

OK, represent this in java language: a^n

I do not know Java. When you can answer my question above, I can help further.

What is the subtopic i put?

do you know what the result of 22 is?

@RandellDawson Is it the same as CodeCogsEqn

(Edit of an edit as was accepted solution:)

The exponentation operator is ** in JS – n ** pow where n is the number and pow the power to raise it by.

It is, but that is not the point I am trying to make here. The point I was trying to get the OP to understand is a2 is the same as a * a. And a value raised to the 1/2 power is just the squareroot of the value.

ok, thank u @DanCouper , about the other he didnt go on point.

I get your point. Just want to know if I’m understanding it since it’s been long time let alone to see it written that way. Thanks

You ignored the point though!

im in mathematics curse, i k that, i am here to k how to represent in javascript

@Akarihana This is very basic math. You need to understand what the symbols represent and not just their equivalent in another language. Other languages may not have such equivalent.

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Then use your math skills and create your own solution without using **. I was just trying to get you to think outside the box a bit instead of just giving you a solution.

Like u said there are different forms of languages i can represent here and in another language i need another way-im am here to k the most simple solution of a problem (i did only have one class od programm so i dont k anything.