How i relove this?

a. The ** and similar are syntactic sugar, a programming convenience. You should actually understand how to write it out without using that, or by using other similar constructs if you’re trying to understand how to write programs
b. Raising to the power of 0.5 is not the most common way this equation is normally described, and as such is not normally the way you would see this written down in a programming lang.

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@DanCouper but if u give the exmple with 0.5 i will k how to do with 0.6

This is true, but this suggests you don’t know what the common form of this equation is? As in why you’re raising it to the power of 0.5?

i dont k how to do root of 2 in the language so i came here give this example to k that and to k how i do exponencials

Edit: you meant 2, ignore

i had already correct that

@RandellDawson when u said he didn’t go on point because of a^2 = a * a, if you look to his responses he did say “How can i without a * a”, and you know that different languages have differents ways of write things. He just wants to k how he can represent in javascript.

Yep, sorry, saw as you were correcting it!

If you need it, Javascript’s built-in global Math object is the namespace under which most other maths stuff you’d want lives, just for reference. Everything under it is either a constant, which you use like Math.PI, Math.E (which are going to give you approximate values for Pi and E respectively), or a function you use like Math.pow(2, 2) (same as 2 ** 2), Math.sqrt(2) (there’s your 2 ** 0.5), and so on