How I retained my FCC Javascript Knowledge

After browsing through, the FCC forum for sometime I discovered that some people are having difficulties keeping their knowledge of Javascript, not because, they are too dumb (No, NO ONE IS) its just that for some people, This is their first real programming language and they have to take in so much at such fast pace that some go through it but never really understand what the f*ck they just did.
What I did though was to jot down things I didn’t understand easily and go through them later This helped me immensely and filled about two of my notebooks (as I fit into the category of first time “real-language-users”) At a later time I would go through this and try to practice this code in a different IDE and with time I knew this things without the help of any one, so this is something I would recommend to anyone


Okay do you have a question?

Good point, and this probably falls under the category of spaced repetition. Some people might be under the impression that learning something once is all it takes, but “repetition is the mother of skill.”