Javascript section of FCC seems poorly written / organized

Has anyone else found the javascript section of FCC frustrating?
The basics were OK, but the entire ES6 section just left me confused with no real understanding of the concepts involved. Now I’m almost finished with the Regular Expressions section, but the last few exercises are poorly explained and don’t offer proper explanations. Even after looking through the hint sections there are no proper explanations, but mostly just snippets of code.
Sometimes there are explanations, and then a different solution is shown which doesn’t seem to stem from the explanations at all.

For those of you who have progressed beyond this point, does it get better? Because I really don’t feel like I’m getting much out of it at the moment, and am wondering if I should even continue with this program.

I agree. Fcc questions suck.

I saw a huge difference in my learning when i just looked up the concepts on MDN and just played around with them until i understood. I also watched a lot of videos on really basic concepts.

You have to be realy patient when you learn coding. Dont try to rush and use as many sources for learning as you can. No single website is gonna make you a good coder by itself.

Thanks. I have been looking up MDN and w3c for reference mostly.
I’m ok with taking my time. I just wonder if there is much point of continuing FCC if that’s the case though. I might try the next section, and if that doesn’t improve, I might move on.

ES6 and RegEx section may be in the wrong place, but I have not found anything else wrong in that certificate curriculum - but after having struggled there I find those things damn useful, even if the first impression was “I have not learned a damn thing from here”

i dont feel that the fcc “certification” means anything. the curriculum has its place, but at the end of the day its about learning. so just do what you gotta do to learn

I will share my way of using FFC :smiley:.

I jsut use the FCC Curriculum as a reference practicing, or for when I have no idea what else to do, but still want to try and learn somethng related to Javascript.

For example, as a begginer I have close to zero knowledge about javascrip. I try to memorize the concepts and finish as many challenges as possible, before I feel aimless and bored :smiley: , then start a project. After trying to make something for hours occasionally I reach a problem that feel similar to something I practiced here, so I return to the challenge, have a look and now I add some practical experience to the knowledge that I manualy gained from before.Thats it.

Tahts what I mean its jsut like a reference to me. I think you should use a couple of other tutorial websites to study alongside eachother.