How is my final project here

Hi campers.
I’m continiously learning from freecodecamp as a backend dev. Finally I completed the final project and I got the certification.
So, I want suggestions and feedback from you. Here is the link :

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This isn’t the Last project on freecodecamp, but you did a really great job.

You are really good at responsivity. I kinda stink at it.
a small shadow under the fixed link banner or under the project tiles would be nice.

You forgot a contact section. Please add that if you have time.

At all else, amazing job.

Keep up the great coding.:slight_smile:

@ConnerOw1115 thank you for your good words. I must do better designs my friend. I’m not good at design. Im trying to add my.own style every time for practice.
You know the life is too hard and I must find a better job…
I supposed the final project of the section. I’ll do better things here and I’ll learn everyday.
I’m a medior, php, nodejs, c# dev and Im searching onlome resources to improve myself everyday because I love this job :slight_smile:

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Glad you like your job, man. Keep on coding.