How is my Product Landing Page project

Hello campers.
I did the 3rd project in the courses. Here is the link :
I made only the navigation responsive and I focused to design the header and firt look…
Any advice , suggestion is acceptable for me. Thank you.

Hi! I really like your styling, the color and font is quite modern-looking. In desktop view it looks OK but I would maybe consider using a bit of padding on your video and paragraph, they’re too close to the left and right page borders.

And you’ve got a couple of syntax errors in CSS like double semi-colons and repeated properties for the same element (you can click on the arrow in the top right corner of the CSS pane and choose ‘Analyze CSS’ - this will highlight all the errors in your code).

Other than that, good job and good luck in making it responsive! :slight_smile:

Im doing ver quickly the sample.peojects and I did some.jon for.this at morning and sit again I finished at night.
Now I learned how to check the css/html. Thankx

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