How long did the Data Visualization Certificate actually take you?

Hello everyone,

I’ve noticed a pattern here that the certificate usually take sometimes less or even way lesss than the approximate 300h of work to finish a certificate.

So I was wondering about how long did the Data Visulization Certificate actually take you?

Also how related is it to Web Development ?

I showed it to a some friends of mine who work in the feild as web developers, and most mentioned that it is not used or needed, the D3 part. other than the JSON APIs and Ajax part.

So your thoughts please.

1st true we all have our own tempo of doing things
2 not yet there but around 280 hours for html

for knowing more about data visualization and yes it does relate to being a web developer

  • Identify areas that need attention or improvement.
  • Clarify which factors influence customer behavior.
  • Help you understand which products to place where.
  • Predict sales volumes.
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Thank you for the link provided, It’s much helpful!
So the approximated time for HTML did almost work for you.

I’m currently on JSON APIs and AJAX. I did the D3 section yesterday. Surely less than 5 hrs. And I would probly finish this in the next 2hrs or so.

So this is just my current thoughts on this, as I also had the same question in mind when I started this section. As a web developer, and especially if you’re aiming to be a Full Stack Web Developer, we would need to know how to handle data and how to present them on the web. This also maybe gets you a foot into Data Science (?), but not quite…

It seems that Data Science is really growing right now, so I think FCC is kind of getting us equipped for that as well - which is really great. Because if an employer/client wants data presented on their website, and you’re a “Full Stack Web Developer” - actually, maybe even a Front End Developer - we should know how to do so (or have an idea what it is -'coz I looked into it and real-world Data Visualization is so much bigger than what we have here), right?



I think you can apply for web dev jobs without Data Visualization skills/knowledge, but having it i think is a lot better.

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Was this including the Project section or without?

Oh no, just the D3 section. Like I said I’m currently on JSON APIs and AJAX section. So maybe the projects will take up a lot of time. I don’t know yet, but I’m excited.

@djma777 Got it. When we were unable to sign in and save progress i ended up tracking my time spent on these exercises using trello with a time tracker added in. At that time I was wondering how much each challenge actually took to complete.

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