How many times a day do you use Google Search?

I’m afraid to check my history but I suspect I’m averaging around 100-200 times a day. Just curious if anyone else also lives on Google…

I rely on google so much its like developer life support for me -not just Google search but all of Google’s products, trying to put , i still fail to put that into a number

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you can see how many searches you do by going here:
i have done 170 so far today.


This question is so funny for me… I use many products from google except from Search. I like more duckduckgo

All day every day. At my work, we have to develop on airgapped computers, so we all have a second computer just for googling.

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Interesting indeed - never thought about this. I checked and it seems that google is ~ 40% of my internet time. LOL

Whoa! Just mostly out of curiosity because I have similar non-coding-related experience, and if I’m allowed to ask, do you find that disruptive and whether or not they are physically set up to minimise disruption (if any)?

It’s kinda lame, especially because it means that you can never copy-paste. I’m free to physically set up my desk however works best for me.

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Thank’ee for taking the time to answer my silly question (and sorry for kind of hijacking the post)! :slight_smile:

Isn’t it possible to hook up two screens to your PC though so you can copy/paste?

Google can take it’s political agenda and it’s censorship and go to hell. Switch to Duckduckgo and Firefox and don’t let Google control what you see and do online. Also, they sell your personal data to advertisers.

Speaking of DuckDuckGo, I use it’s bang feature a lot. For example, when I’m looking for something in MDN (say, the filter function), I can search !mdn array filter. It’s very convenient especially when you can search directly from the address bar.

I have to use two computers because my development machine cannot connect to the internet. It has nothing to do with screens.

thanks you :heart_eyes:

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