How much GB of storage required for full stack web development student?

Including windows 10 installations? Please share. I’m fresh graduate seeking for a job.

The thing is I’m trying to get a new SSD(and RAM) but before that I want to estimate exact storage requirements so that I can plan properly and be confident(as I’m under tight budget). This is about optimizing. If I’d money in the air, I’d just throw at 2TB SSD.

I’m on dell inspiron 15 5567, core i5 7th generation.

1TB HDD and 8GB RAM. Expandable.

Reasons why I wanted to change from hard disk to SSD:

  1. Visual studio code runs slow too slow. It’s unusable, it keeps lagging, totally unusable.

  2. Pycharm keeps crashing. I loved that IDE but because it doesn’t run in my laptop, I’m unable to learn to code. I contacted pycharm community with crash reports but they didn’t care enough. Looking at other sites, I felt SSD was the solution to it.

  3. Sometimes I check the task manager when computer while opening chrome becomes slow(while just starting it), I find 100% disk usage there.

  4. Chrome randomly lags.

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Shouldn’t take much for web development.

Unless you’re running multimedia or AI related works, half a TB is more than enough including OS.

I’ve only worked in Laravel as a Full-stack Framework and each project takes up up to 200MB (yes it’s quite big as its a Full stack Framework which includes ALL the things)

You don’t need to worry that much space for Web Development.

Even if you are running some sort of Database, it is mostly stored in the cloud server like MongoDB or Azure. If you ran your own local Database, you would only use it for testing and not for production hence it shouldn’t take much space.

SSD is definitely a standard hard disk type nowadays for OS. Especially look for NVMe ones for future proofing.

Yes, it is made in electron js and electron js has some code from Chrome (I don’t know the exact words) so it has some tendency to lags. Have you check out other IDEs like Sublime or Atom?

Hope this helps.

Agree with @alfonsusac that 512Gb hard drive (SSD) will be absolutely fine. More is great but hard drive space isn’t normally that much of an issue.

RAM, try to get 16Gb (or 32 if you can get it, but need to break the bank for it), that’s likely to make much more of a difference.

For development can be on less for each and you’ll still be fine, but IDEs are normally resource hungry (eg you mention Visual Studio and Pycharm), as is Chrome. SSD will help, RAM will help, more and faster CPUs will help.

Oh. Sit. I can only go upto 16GB RAM. (That’s my laptop limit). Do you think it’s not worth it to do this upgrade then? I just want a laptop that doesn’t lags with IDEs. And wth man, 32GB RAM required for just “IDE” to not hang? I feel we should start that traditional coding to save memory more. This is getting stupid. 32GB RAM required for smooth laptop is getting somewhere else. There was a time not so long ago when 32GB hard disk was more than enough.

I agree that 512TB HD is fine for most dev work. I think 16GB RAM is prob OK for most things. My work computer has that and I run VS code and mobile emulators on it, without any issues.

That’s why I said try to get 16, and that any more is nice to have. 16 will be fine. My personal laptop has 8 & it does fine so :man_shrugging:t3:

If you’re getting serious latency issues on VSCode with your current setup then that suggests you’re running a lot of other stuff at the same time? I’ve got a five year old i5 CPU + 8gb ram + a 128gb SSD and a 1tb HDD and it’s fine unless I try to run, say, a game at the same time as an editor & a browser. Things that are slow on that setup: native app development (IDE + compilation + simulator), any kind of video editing (by that I mean just clipping/converting files using ffmpeg), having docker running

No mostly I use only VS code and still!!!
And generally you’d need chrome to either search or watch a video tutorial. Honestly, if developers start being carefree coding at this rate, we would soon need 1TB RAM LOL.

Thanks, Hope so man. If I put this much money and that doesn’t help my cause. God! I’d be super pissed. I’m going to invest 20000 units of my currency on upgrades. If it go useless, I’d be stumped.
Buying a laptop like you said here will cost 150,000 units of my currency.
Generally household income per month here is 30,000 units of currency. I just hope it runs well but now after coming in FCC I’m sceptical. Is there a way to measure it?

I don’t know. We can’t test your system. We are just talking about specs. Based on what you’ve said, your specs should be fine.

What you have said:

I’m on dell inspiron 15 5567, core i5 7th generation.

1TB HDD and 8GB RAM. Expandable.

Should be running fine, especially if you’re just running VS Code and a browser. That should be fairly easy. Upgrading to 16GB might be a little better, but if you are struggling with 8GB, then I would want to make sure that there isn’t another problem. If “Visual studio code runs slow too slow. It’s unusable, it keeps lagging, totally unusable.” with that setup, then I think there is a much bigger issue.

I would want to make sure I don’t have any viruses, that I am not clogged up with background programs, that my memory is all working. I’d want to see what programs are running at startup. I’d want to make sure that all my programs and drivers are up to date. I might consider a factory reset.

But this is a little beyond my ken. I’d recommend googling fixes for sluggish computers.


Yes sir. I googled a lot. Did everything. I won’t lie. I have done everything in each of the blogs in internet, superuser etc. The only possible remaining way to try to fix this was to buy a SSD and hope for the best.

You’re very right. This laptop is very decent laptop to run VS code. I’m not either doing big big coding. I’m just learning if condition properly first.

I’d test in ubuntu now or tommorow.

Do you have problems with other apps?

I try tons of apps (and uninstall them later if I don’t like. I can safely say that only Pycharm and VS code are the ones that had the most problem. Pycharm the most. I don’t remember complete details, but there have been instances when VS code has ran decently in my system but there has not been a single instance when Pycharm ran without a crash at the start. Pycharm would install, work good for 10 minutes. After that crash after crash that it was absolutely useless. I remember spending more time restarting the laptop hoping the crash would go away after my failed mission with trying to understand crash report than actually even just copying or pasting code from tutorials.

It might also be a hardware issue. Have you tested the RAM and HD?

I had done the test when I was in windows 10.
Here are the results.

This is not the exact problem mentioned here, but they’ve the tests. Do tell me if I can link other sites here, I’d remove it if I can’t.

I’m on Ubuntu now. I can’t watch much youtube videos in firefox, it crashes. But hey, at least I can use my laptop till I fix it.

If it runs fine on Linux now you likely have installed something you shouldn’t have on Windows. Uninstalling is not going to help you. A lot of apps can’t even be cleanly uninstalled on Windows and if they are in any way sketchy apps you will install malware or what amounts to malware. Installing tons of apps willy-nilly is a surefire recipe for disaster. You can use apps like Sandboxie or VMs to test apps more safely.

Firefox shouldn’t crash when watching videos. Again my first instinct would be the GPU, maybe try turning off hardware acceleration to test it.

What about temps? Have you looked to see if it is overheating?

Edit: just to be clear. Are the threads you linked to yours?


About temps:
I’m also going to change thermal paste and renovate the laptop. (clean it, clean fans etc).

Yes the superuser threads are mine.

I just ran for few minutes and it’s running fine on linux (Snap vs code). Complete formatting C drive and reinstalling might work I guess.

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