Web Development on Linux. (how much disk space doI need?)

I am planning to buy a new SSD and install linux on it.
Just trying out new things and one day you gonna learn how to use a linux distro right?
Here is the spec of my current PC.

i7 8700
8GB of RAM
120GB of SSD (windows partition)
1TB of hard drive
GTX 1060 3GB

My question is this, how much storage do I need if I want to use ubuntu as my primary OS?
I only want to use it for web development plus just all the basic day to day usage like web browsing and such.
Is 256/250GB suffice my need?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey. A happy Ubuntu 18.04 user here. In a download page it stated that you need 25 GB for Ubuntu. I would say 256/250 GB is a good number for Web Development and basic usage. If you not planning to torrent on it or else, I say go with 256 GB :slight_smile: It’s plenty.

thanks! that’s all I need to know !