How much javascript should you know before you move on to learn React?

How much JS should you know before you move onto learning libraries?

What kind of projects should be able to build with pure JS before moving on?

Hi, I think you need to be comfortable with functions, objects and classes.
Then I think you should know a bit of html and css.
Also is very important that you understand what is the DOM, basic browser debugging and what React does.

Probably the order does not matter but let’s say:

  1. Functions, classes, data types
  2. Loops and control flow
  3. Objects and arrays (the more common methods, map, filter etc and what purpose they serve)
  4. Operators
  5. Coercion, closure, event loop, async vs sync
  6. HTML, CSS … and fancy tools like scss/css/less
  7. DOM
  8. Browser debugging tools

Hope this helps.

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I would actually reccomend finishing the javascript course on free code camp, Then moving on to Khan Academy (yes Khan) and learning the HTML/JS course their.

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