How or where to link the package.json?

I don’t know how to complete this, since it’s not taking any links.

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Challenge: How to Use package.json, the Core of Any Node.js Project or npm Package

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If I’m understanding you correctly: check the introduction to those challenges – there is a link to, which is the online service you’ll use to do the challenges.

Sign in to replit and you’ll use the app skeleton in the link, and gradually build it up through the challenges. To submit, you’ll need to link it at each step to the tests can be ran

To expand on Dan’s explanation, you’ll need to submit the link to the live view of the application, not the editor page.

When you run the, a Picture-in-Picture browser will appear with the link to the live view.


but shouldn’t we be able to use github repo links?

A GitHub repository link doesn’t work because the tests are written to access a URL endpoint we’ve built into the boilerplate.

Thank you. But what does this actually mean then:

" Start this project on using this link or clone this repository on GitHub!"

can we clone to but it also states “If you use,[…]” :thinking:
Well, anyway, repl it is, it seems :slight_smile:

You have the option of cloning the boilerplate code directly from GitHub - this allows campers to work locally, or on other platforms, and commit their project to their own git repository.

The catch to developing locally is that you still need to host a live version of the project somewhere for our tests to see.