How should I start?

Hello everyone. I need some advice. Right now I work as a Social Media Manager in politics, I also build Landing Pages there but it’s pretty simple since it’s just a drag and drop system more or less. I also have some graphic design experience and a political science bachelor lol.

Anyways. I want to change my career path, I’ve always been really interested in Math and Computer Science. So I want to move into that direction, there’s a lot of topics I’m interested in, like cyber security, data analysis, web development, ui/ux design or blockchain.

So my questions is: What makes the most sense in my situation? I do not wanna go to college to do another bachelor in CS or IT, I’d rather teach it myself and use platforms like freeCodeCamp. Which of those fields is the easiest to enter without an academic background in Computer Science?

Or more general: What would you do if you where me?

(btw I live in Europe)

UI/UX design is easiest given your graphic design background.


I’d focus on leveraging your pre-existing experience with design, even if its drag and drop, and pre-existing experience to build an argument for a design role.

You could expand on this with learning front-end web development, but the jump wont happen overnight. Generally front-end development is a crowded space, but being able to stand out is your best bet. With pre-existing design experience, the “angle” is you’d need to be great at designing UI’s and implementing them effectively. Together these skills can build a bridge from just doing drag-drop/figma/photoshop design to a more implementation role as a front-end developer.

Of course just being a UI/UX designer still means getting to work with individuals and teams that work on the implementation, without having to deal with the nitty gritty details (CSS!!!)

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