How to add Chat or SMS

Hello, I’m building my portfolio and I added a form to it for people to contact me. I was just wondering what can be the best way to implement a way to receive messages or emails with the information from the form, for when the form is submited?
Thank you, I hope someone can answer or guide me in the right direction.

<form action="" method="post">
  <Input type="submit" value="Send email"/>

That will attempt to open the user’s email client and fill in the email. Not bulletproof though.

To do anything else, you need a backend (server-side component) for the email to go out from - the form posts to the backend, the backend sends the email. There are services that provide this though - for example.

SMS/chat etc are more complex.

Also, simply putting your email address and allowing people to contact you that way is normally all that’s needed: on most platforms clicking it opens the email client anyways. Useful exercise to build a contact form though