How to approach sizing in Figma


For anyone that uses Figma, I was just wondering about sizing things and more specifically, do people just use say the size of their own laptop when creating a new file?

Sorry if it seems obvious, but I haven’t heard this mentioned in any of the tutorials I have watched. Let’s say I am designing for a bigger screen for someone else, but I am using my own smaller screen to produce the design, how would people generally approach this?


That’s where your visual skills and your training as a designer come in: You should be able to create UIs that work on horizontal screens of almost any size. No matter how big or small you workscreen is.

If you want to make your developers happy, create two versions of horizontal screen designs in Figma: One for laptops and up to 24 inch desktop screens, and one for anything above 27 inches with max-widths and heights.

I also need to know about font-sizes (best in rem), so the fonts aren’t too large or too small for the current screen size and cover the brand design guidelines if the client has them.

great, I will keep all of that in mind!

Very nice, the best UI designers know how to program, at least the basics and know how hand over font-sizes and dimensions in rem and %.

If the client has an established brand design, I need to rely on the design team to guide me, because I will mess up if they leave it to me.

I’m just starting to lean this stuff, so thanks, it’s very useful. Plan to move over to Front End Mentor soon too.