How to place Items when converting from Figma to code?

I’m new to figma , and sometimes when I look at a figma design there are elements which should be placed in grid or flexbox , but by doing so sometimes the design is not 100% accurate , do you set all the elements as “absolute” position so you can have that perfect positioning ? , and if so how that plays out when you try to make the webpage responsive ?

Figma is a piece of software primarily for drawing pictures of UI applications. It isn’t the application itself.

Figma can emulate responsiveness. If that isn’t done for a design that needs to be responsive, then either the design is deficient or it’s just a sketch (“ideally, it should look like this at this size”). Getting around that by turning the application into a static picture will not fix that issue.

Positioning everything so it’s a pixel perfect (at one specific size) match to a picture of the UI isn’t a particularly useful thing, as you are tossing out almost the entirety of what’s built into CSS to allow responsiveness.

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