How to become a moderator for the freeCodeCamp community?

how do you become a moderator or an admin?

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As for this forums I can’t say for sure, but usually it’s based somewhat on your activity in a community over a long period of time. Discourse provides for automatic promotion up to a trust level 3, but after that moderators and admins are chosen by the current admin team.

Usually mods and admins are picked when one is needed from the the most active and best long time users.

I can’t say that’s exactly how this community works, but that’s usual the general idea, and what I’ve seen and gone through in other communities.


ok thanks for letting me know!

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Contributing FAQ: I am interested in being a moderator at freeCodeCamp. Where should I start


If you want to help right away, you can assist us with triaging issues: Issues · freeCodeCamp/freeCodeCamp · GitHub and helping answer support questions on the forum.

And if your contributions are significant, someone will invite you to the mod team sooner or later.


sure will do
need to make it 20 charecters

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