How to bring back the guide

I’m pretty new here and already i made a mistake where in I accidentally removed the guide/steps and I don’t know how to bring it back… I’m already at step 43 on this project but whenever I try opening step 43 it just doesn’t show the step on that specific part… please help me

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I’m unsure what you mean by ‘removed the guide/steps’ ?

A screenshot of your issue may help.

This is what I meant.

I cant find anything about this issue in ‘freeCodeCamp Support topis’ forum for mobile.

Tho I have seen posts about the step instructions not show up before. Usually its a case of turning off browser extensions, refreshing the page, cleaning browser cache and if all else fails to reinstall a browser.

However I dont use mobile so am not sure how much of this would help.

I’d advise starting a new post in ‘freeCodeCamp support’
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Clear your browser cache and then refresh. The steps should show up

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It finally worked and I can finally finish the project.

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