The instructions have disappeared for HTML step 14 and I can't get them back

Does anyone know how to turn them back on?

A full screenshot of the page to see what’s happening would be helpful.

Sorry, here’s a screenshot! I appreciate the reply

Do you have any recommendations?

Interesting. Are you able to share a short screen share of you refreshing the page? This looks like the instructions were cut out via the dev console.

I’m able to bring up the console and run the code but no matter what I try I can’t get the instructions to come back.

sounds like an adblock type issue. have you tried disabling extensions or using another browser?

I don’t currently have any extensions set up but I’ll try another browser.

Using a new browser appeared to work. It’s just odd that this issue is only happening with step 14

maybe it is how that page in particular has been built idk

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