How to bring the PostgreSQL database back online?

I was just getting started on Building Mario Database course when encountered this problem. While trying to log in the database, there happened to be an issue with the its current status. The message said that port 5432 is down so I tried to turn it on but the operation is not permitted as shown in the image. What should I do to bring it back online?


Can you try to exit the terminal with the command exit? Also, reload CodeRoad and then re-open the terminal. Now try to connect Postgres, it should work.

Thanks, it works (I didn’t think it was that easy though!)

I’m having the same problem, however, nothing is resolving it. I can’t get this to run on any browser. I got half way through the tut and then it all crashed. I’ve done the soft reset, i’ve logged out and back in again. Cookies are enabled. Nothing is working.

Can you share a screen shot @bgandhi - are you on the same project? The reset button should get everything set back up.

I found a fix on another help ticket. The issue was solved by going to:
View > Command Palette > CodeRaod: Start

I think this is a common enough issue that it should be the start page for each project. I’ve had to do this at least 3 more times today.

This worked for me:
psql --username=freecodecamp dbname=postgres