How to build a Immersive Website like this?

i would like to build a immersive website similar to these:


Question is: would it be possible to build such websites by HTML/CSS, maybe some basic JS?

Would it be possible to use some WordPress templates to achieve such immersive effects?

Hi yue2019,

if you right-click on the ‘Castelo Branco 360’ page, you get a menu which includes ‘About pantour pro’ and ‘About the krPano panorama viewer’ at the bottom.

The first link takes you to an outdated download page for Kolor software 's Panotour software (a more up to date link is: You would need software like this to create the pictorial content, so this part isn’t strictly possible with just html/css/js. But neither is displaying a picture or showing a video - you need the content to come in some format.

The second link takes you to krpano’s website, where they mention you can download the viewer in adobe or html5 versions. On the linked page, they say it is: “a HTML5 / Javascript based client-side application that uses either the HTML5 CSS 3D Transforms or WebGL for displaying panoramic images”. So all that stuff is in the html/css/js trio.

Is it basic JS? I would expect it to be reasonably advanced but I’m not sure. This may help with your VR research: The Current Status of Browser-based Virtual Reality in HTML5.

I’m afraid I don’t know enough about WP to answer your second question.


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Thank you very much ! Sincerely appreciate your help!