How to choose best Bootcamps for UX design

Well, for the past few days, I have been looking for the best UI/UX bootcamps, and a number of results have been found. One thing that you can also see on Google is that everyone says this one is the best, and some say this one is the best. Similarly, my concern is how to find the best one for me or what the parameters are to check which one is the best for me, whereas I have also seen this post where the author says reviews or ratings are not the actual parameters to check when choosing the best one. It means that if anyone has a 5-star rating, it doesn’t mean that it is the best for them.
Can anyone give their suggestions on this?

Bootcamps for designers isn’t really something I’ve heard much about. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t high quality education programs calling themselves that, but in general I recommend approaching these businesses with the caution applied to a used car dealership. The term “bootcamp” has a tendency to be slapped on anything and everything as part of the new generation of for-profit (and sometimes exploitative) education programs.

Overall, do a lot of research. If you aren’t able to get any good information about a program, that’s a red flag in itself.

Quincy wrote an very good Coding Bootcamp Handbook, which I recommend reading. It speaks specifically to coding bootcamps, but almost all of the content could be applied to your situtation as well.


Thanks a lot for your kind response and time. Well, I have seen the mentioned URL, and it gives me some idea for what exactly I am looking for.

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