How to Code: Simple Data

Tuesday, April 25th the How to Code: Simple Data course starts on edx.!
The course is free to audit.

The course is the new version of the Systematic Program Design course and is still based on the book How to Design Programs

The course is appropriate for first-time programmers as well as veterans. The skills you learn can be applied to javascript but the course is taught in lisp and provides an ide meant for teaching.

This is the same course recommended in @P1xt’s great guides found here:
Guide: Web Development with Computer Science Foundations - comprehensive path

Guide: Computer Science and Web Development - comprehensive path

The course is now 2 parts instead of 3. I took the old first part and it was excellent. I will be doing this course and invite everyone to join me.

If anyone has any questions about it that I can answer I will.
If anyone else here is taking it, let us know.

I’ve created a repo of the courses problem bank you can clone or download from


The class just went live!


I’m enrolled in this course. I’m halfway through section 1a. From what I’ve seen so far the content seems too basic.

I have few questions:

1 .Do we actually build anything in the course?
2 .What are the topics covered?
3 .I’m currently working as an angularjs developer. Would the skills learnt here be useful in frontend
development in any way?
4 .Finally what made you take up the same course again?

@lorepieri What’s wrong with that?

The final project for part one of the 2 part course is making a space invaders clone.
1a is about learning the language and introducing people new coders to programming.
The course isn’t about learning the language, it is about learning how to design well-written programs.
How to take a hard problem and break it down into manageable pieces.
How to write good comments and good tests.
These skills you can apply to any language to do anything from front end web pages to game programming.
I didn’t get a chance to finish the old course so I am doing it over.

I think this is the kind of material you find in a good formal education that you miss out on doing tutorials here and there on the web.

I was referring to data-ubcx course. Not Freecodecamp. I wanted to know if the content is just too basic or is there some intermediate level stuff

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Yeah, I deleted my replies because they weren’t right

No problem :slight_smile:

Also, the course will lean towards functional programming, you’ll come out of it being a champ at recursion and higher order functions like map and reduce.

Thanks for the reply. The course sounds interesting. The previous version has very good reviews on class-central. I think I’ll go ahead with it

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thank much appreciate great way to improve skills of coding

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So it comes back to this: I was going through some focus on that via “” and stopped to get back to @p1xt’s guidance here: 💻 Deprecated Guide: Computer Science and Web Development - comprehensive path

Within Tier 2 (and still in the mix within Tier 1). Great to know I’m still on the right path. I managed to animate the Rocket Ship (from my thoughts (it’s been about 2 months since for I went back into studies within YDKJS Series and various other resources via book or on the web.

That’s CRAZY!!! (in the greatest way)

I think this book/course fits into any path.

I think you are setting yourself up for success.

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