How to complete the (New) Responsive Web Design) Certification

Hi, can anyone tell me how I can 100% this task? I submit and the prompt says I did 20% and can proceed to the next course. I would like to do the 100% of the certification task. Anyone, kindly help me. Thank you.

The presentation is a bit confusing, but I believe it’s saying that your overall certification for responsive web design is now 20% complete, since the survey form is 1 of the 5 projects you need to submit in order to receive the certification. In other words, the project itself is now complete, and that means you have 4 projects left to go.

this is step by step task so after you complete one step there will show 10~20%, you want 100% complete finish all step

Thank you so much! I thought the course for this one is already done . I appreciate it! ;D

Thank you so much! I thought it’d be done after this task. Phew.

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