How to contribute to freeCodeCamp by Opening a Pull Request

A pull request (PR) is a method of submitting contributions to an open source project. It is often the preferred way of submitting contributions to a project using a Distributed Version Control System (DVCS) such as Git.

FreeCodeCamp is an Open Source project and all of the contents are freely editable.

  • Fork the project on GitHub.
  • Clone it to a local machine. Do not edit online in, as the editor may cause issues with JSON formatted data.
  • Create a branch with the form fix/some-bug or feature/add-cool-thing and make your changes in that branch and commit them.
  • Push the branch online (if editing locally).
  • Create a pull request against the “staging” branch.
  • The title (also called the subject) of your PR should be descriptive of your changes. i.e. fix typo in basic-javascript challenge
  • If the PR is meant to fix a specific issue, append to the end of your PR’s commit message closes #1337 . This tells GitHub to close that issue if the PR is merged.
  • Do NOT add issue numbers to the PR’s title. i.e. minor improvements in basic-javascript challenge

These are general guidelines for PR’s that work across most projects. It gives everyone a quick guide to your changes when looking at the commit history of a project.

Note: Not all pull requests are accepted. FCC project maintainers will explain the reason of non-acceptance.