How to start contribution in GitHub as a newbie in open source

I am learning to code from FCC. And when I explored GitHub i Just felt overhelmed. I understood the concepts of repository, fork repo and also about GIT. But when it comes to project. I felt lost.
Can somebody guide me about it?

first, make sure you read thoroughly the contributing docs. These usually also contain how to set up the local environment / gitpod for development.
It will also indicate if you can work on an issue right away, or you need to ask for permission (with the fcc repository you can just make a PR if it’s labelled “Help wanted”, other projects may want for you to ask before start working).

Fork the repo, create a branch for developing the fix, make the changes and push them to your repo to the correct branch. Then from github itself go to your branch, and use the button to create a PR. If you need to make other changes just push again your commits to the branch, and the PR will update with those changes too.

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This is really helpful!!. Thank you :innocent: