How to create a platform like freecodecamp?

I have a question wondering how freecodecamp put together the lesson page where you can write your code, validate them and display the result.

I can write this all in raw HTML/CSS/JS. But it will be a HUGE process.
Did freecodecamp perhaps use some type of library? :smiley:

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I’m not big on the details, but all the details you ever could want is actually on github, as FCC is open source:

I’ll leave the “overall description of the platform” to someone who actually works on the curriculum tho haha :smiley:

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No, they created their own challenge parser and test runner. There are various libraries that are incorporated in these two features, but the majority of the logic is custom. You can take a look at an actual challenge file and note it has several sections. The sections are parsed and some are displayed as content to the challenge (Description, Instructions, Seed Code) and the Tests section (which uses YAML syntax) contains the actual tests and test messages that are used to validate if a user’s code solves the challenge.

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Thanks for the reply guys. :smiley:
I guess I have to build it from scratch as well. LOL