Offline FCC notes pdf to download

Hi everyone.
I have an idea for a python project and want to gauge interest from the FFC members.

I have this idea of using web scraping to get all the tutorials, parsing the html to grab the tutorial descriptions, and formatting them into a pdf with something like LaTeX. Then anyone can reference the notes offline.

I plan to do this for myself because it seems like a fun project and I would like to have a set of notes to reference. But because I don’t own any of the IP for the tutorials and I don’t know anything about licensing terms, I wont distribute the notes to others.

However, if I do end up creating something like this I would be happy to share the pdf/code with the moderators should they choose to distribute the notes though FCC.

Would this be something of interest to others?

Idea: All the curriculum descriptions are in the github page, so I wouldn’t even need to scrape the website. I could parse the git repository locally.

Welcome, YellowSub.

I believe this FAQ answers the above:

Can I create apps or tools based around the freeCodeCamp community and platform?

Yes. freeCodeCamp is open source (BSD-3 license), and most non-sensitive freeCodeCamp data is publicly available. But you must make it clear that you don’t represent freeCodeCamp itself, and that your project is not officially endorsed by freeCodeCamp.

Essentially, the freeCodeCamp material is free to use. DO use it. DO NOT sell it as your own. It is always kind to attribute the source of information.

Hope this helps

Thanks so much!
This helps a lot.

Just to follow up on this and future references if others are trying to do something similar, here is the git repository to some pdfs of the challeges. This is only a draft version, but ill keep updating it with better styling to format the code :slight_smile: