How to download (as pdf or reading text) freeCodeCaamp study material...?

Everyone learns differently. Long time teachers understand this!

I am an adult learner. Fighting many fights in daily life and still trying to engage in exploring new but difficult to learn avenues such as programming.
Frankly, I need to revisit some aspects of my this learning time and again. However, although I passed all 130+ stages on the Map here, I realized I need a reference sort of material -for offline (print) use. Whenever I got into trouble with my memory, I wanted to get back to specifics of what I learnt here. May it be JQuery, Bootstrap, or image element in fundamental HTML!


I wish a pdf or some sort of ebook type material for printing or whenever I am offline was available so I could practice at my real pace and reinforce what I studied and learnt…

Any thoughts, ideas?

I believe FCC is working on an offline version which would sync when you are back online. Anyone know the status of that?

…I know it would help a lot of people who do not have a DATA Plan, good WiFi or good Internet where they live and/or work & in between, during commutes.

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I use books from O’Reilly Pocket Reference series if I need something to restore in my memory.

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You can view the milestone here:

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Thanks a lot for these suggestions. Appreciated!

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