Downloading lessons

I want to download some of the lessons, mainly ones which I have had difficulty, so that I can quickly access them even if offline. Now I just copy and paste them. I don’t want the entire lesson with code and output (although I know you can download your successful code completion) I just want the explanation that is in the left box. It would be helpful if there was a link allowing a download of these, like in a pdf. Does this function exist and I am missing it somewhere, or, is it purposefully made the way to discourage downloading of lessons, or, it just has not been implemented as of yet and/or thought to be unneeded and redundant. Thanks for any response.

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Would printing work for what you are looking? Right clicking over the explanation of the challenge, print and choosing PDF instead of the printer.

There is not a tool for downloading just the challenge descriptions built into freeCodeCamp. You can copy the text, screenshot the part of the screen, print selection to PDF, etc.

You can also get the curriculum files from GitHub and save them to your computer.

Thank y’all for replying. I will just continue to cut and paste into an Evernote notebook I have set up for these lessons.

As well, thank you for the GitHub reference. I have not used Github yet, but this gives me a reason to check it out.