Are there PDF's for the FCC lessons?

Hi I don’t know who to ask does this website have a a pdf of all the topics taught here ?

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To my knowledge, they don’t.
But I will move your topic to the contributors section and maybe someone can assist you there.

The curriculum will be replaced by an all project based curriculum in the future. So that will mean the challenges will no longer exist.

But it will be a while before the new curriculum is rolled out.

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There is no pdf version of the curriculum. If you would like, you could export articles on freeCodeCamp news as PDFs.


Here are some pdfs of all the lessons, as well as the raw tex files used to make the pdfs, and the python script I wrote to scrape the lesson info. GitHub - YellowSub17/freeCodeCampNotes

do you update them? there are often changes to the challenges