How is new content created at FCC?

I was wondering how I could contribute to FCC in terms of curriculum, content, etc?

For example, I created a standalone GitPod module for learning mongo as a proof of concept and would like to get some feedback on it and see if its something that could be added to FCC down the road…


Welcome, HansUXdev.

I suggest you take a peruse of these two posts:

As it stands, no new content will be added to the current version of the curriculum (apart from the Coding Interview Prep section). So, if you are interested in contributing:

  • Help with the current issues and PRs on GitHub
  • Take up one of the open projects for the new curriculum version

@HansUXdev I just ran this and gave it a star on GitHub.

We are working on a way we can run MongoDB inside VS code – right inside the browser. Once we get further along with this, would you be interested in helping us develop some of the practice projects for it?


@Sky020 Hey thanks for pointing me to those resources it is very helpful.

wow, thanks I’m glad you like it that much. I would absolutely be interested in helping you guys with developing some practice projects for mongo.
Are you referring to the issue below or a different one?:

I’d definitely be down to help build out standalone GitPod modules for a few other issues:

  • Learn npm by Building an npm Module #107
  • Learn Node.js by Building a Web Server #106

this is a very good practical approach to learn, i want to be a part of these as i long to work with node and mongo db… am new to it as well … i gave it a star and also watching on git…

Hey thanks. I’m glad you liked it.
Did you find anything confusing about it?

No, it was elaborate enough…:ok_hand:

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As a side note, I was wondering FCC’s certification has ever been recognized by any educational institutions or states?

For example, when I was teaching at a CTE school in AZ, the state recognized MTA certification but not FCC. Personally, I felt that FCC wasn’t just harder to pass but also much better done which is why I had my students do the the exercises on here as homework. Plus, I figured if they failed the MTA at-least they’d have a backup plan that validate their knowledge to employers.

Now here’s the catch, because it’s not recognized the school doesn’t get as much funding from students passing FCC as they do MTA, etc. This also can put teachers like myself in awkward positions with administrators…

So part of my motivation behind building that repo is to be based upon the following state standards.

17.1 Input/output data from a sequential file or database
17.2 Demonstrate creating, reading, updating, and dropping a database
17.3 Demonstrate the proper use of SQL database applications that work with different languages (e.g., MongoDB, Microsoft Access, Oracle Databases, and Code. org’s App Lab)

If you and or other FCC staff find an hour or so of time, I’d like to discuss this more detail and possibly in terms of hosting an event. Check your twitter DM’s when you have a moment and get back to me when you can.

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We may seek some sort of formal recognition in the future. Our main goal at the moment is to focus on creating free learning resources and where possible avoiding more bureaucratic processes that would distract us from our mission.