When will FCC update its Advanced Node and Express

When will FCC update its Advanced Node and Express section?

I hope that the community realises that a whole lot of students rely on what such websites teach as not everyone can afford a 14k$ bootcamp.

I have wasted 2 days on this section now with 40% progress and i now feel i would have been much better off doing something else.

The community should realise that if they are taking such a big responsibility of educating students, they should try updating things…and this section is not old by just a few months…its old by years i guess…

i am really greatful to freecodecamp for such an initiative…would really like to contribute as well…but this section really disappointed me…all i got was self doubt despite doing things the correct way

most of time was spent in reading others codes, degrading versions and still no success…

honestly i dont think updating this is more than a few days affair…and clearly this is one of the most important and critical sections…so why delay?

TLDR: freeCodeCamp is not currently making major changes to the existing curriculum because they are working an a complete overhaul.

freeCodeCamp is built primarily by community members like you who see a problem and are motivated to contribute a solution. https://contribute.freecodecamp.org


Hello there,

Hopefully, within the next few days:

To add to what @ArielLeslie said: The curriculum is undergoing some major changes, and the staff are a relatively small team. So, if you would like to help the community with some changes, then head over the GitHub repo, and contribute.

It is excellent that freeCodeCamp is free, and it is excellent that it is open-source driven. To advertise the appeal: I learn the most from freeCodeCamp, by contributing.