How to display a PHP file with HTML in it

Let’s say I have a file named index.php and it is an HTML file with <?php?> tags in it.
The problem is, I can’t get it to preview and I don’t exactly know how to deploy a site with the php file.
If you know how do do this, please help.


PHP works as a template language for HTML, it produces HTML as output. You don’t have an HTML file with PHP tags, you have a PHP file.

You put it on a server that has a PHP interpreter, and it will be converted to HTML.

To develop (ie work locally on your computer)

That’s the first Google result, I can’t vouch for it. Deploying can be as simple as dragging the PHP file to the right folder on a server that understands PHP (eg almost every shared hosting). Heroku etc will be able to streamline this further, removing manual steps (particularly if you have it on GitHub). I would Google for this

Thanks for your help guys, but I figured it out from a youtube video.
See y’all around :slight_smile:

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