How to do the tribute page project?

I am unable to understand… what to do and how to start?

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Hi @ayushi1719 !

Welcome to the forum!

You will need to create a tribute page that passes all of the user stories.

Examples of what the user stories look like.

FCC instructions:
You can build your project by forking this CodePen pen.

Create a codepen account
Click on this link called this CodePen pen
Click on fork at the bottom right corner
Change the title at the top
Click save
Read these comments and then delete them
Start writing your code


Hey @jwilkins.oboe
First of all, Thank you so much for the reply…

What should be the content of the tribute page?

You can choose anybody you want.

It can be a celebrity, an animal, cartoon , yourself.

The subject matter is up to you.

The page should look similar to the example page that has been provided? (Of Dr Norman Borlaug)…

And to submit the code… I need to provide the the URL of the codepen ? Right?

It could look similar but the best practice is to use your imagination. You could see other Tribute Pages to get an idea.

And yes. When you’ll finish, you’ll provide the URL.

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Also the instructions say functional similar which translates to it needs to pass the tests.

You could also look through the project feedback section and see what other people decided to do for their tribute pages.

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Basically, it means we’ve to create a webpage, with all the testcases(user-stories) passing? right? @jwilkins.oboe

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Yes, just a single web page.

You can build it right in codepen or your favorite code editor and copy and paste it into codepen.

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