How to extract table from a pdf and write to excel

Hello everyone - I have a requirement to extract a table from the attached pdf file and to write the extracted table to an an excel spreadsheet. I tried extracting the table using Camelot and Tabula but got an incomplete output. Any help on the appropriate Python code & package to be used would be appreciated. If this is not possible using Python, would help to know alternatives. Thank you.

I’d recommend Google for that.
PDFs are kind of a weird datatype on purpose, so they are hard to manipulate (including copying to created an altered version). Last time I checked even just copy-pasting text out of a PDF was a chore because it turned into raw text.

And on top of that, this table looks pretty complicated… Like the kind of thing even making in a WORD-table would be kinda hard, extracting this from a PDF that adds a layer of mangling on top to make extracting harder? Puh…

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