Need advice on creating a program to manipulate word and excel document

Im in need of creating a program which could get data on an excel file then automatically fill a table inside a word after that the table data would be processed with formula and used to create another conclusion table in a new page of the same file (so word and excel file as input and the output is word with conclusion table and filled table data),

which language should i use and is there any module/package to do this? any help/advice is really appreciated. Thankyou

Python can help, I think. Maybe you could benefit from this book:

If you need more basics, before that, you could do the python certificates in the freecodecamp curriculum


Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) would be the easiest to use to accomplish something like this.

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Thankyou very much, i do a little bit of research on python-docx which seems to be used for this but i still dont know if it could satisfy the need, since i need to write a text inside a specific table etc, i still havent found the way yet, can this module do that? thanks again

I have no experience with this