How to find color with a contrast ratio of at least 7:1 with another color - Step 63 (Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz)

I have a color (let’s say #f1f1f1 that is a shade of gray) and I need to find a second one that has a contrast ratio of at least 7:1 or another constrast ratio
,similar to what is asked in step 63 of Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz

how is the second color produced?

Have you figured this out? I seemed to be stumped on this as well.

@cpapas843 I found these articles to find a suitable contrast ratio:
(look at the links at the bottom of the article above)

(several easy shortcuts to use)

here’s the explanation for the full calculation from scratch Understanding Web Accessibility Color Contrast Guidelines and Ratios | CSS-Tricks - CSS-Tricks

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