How To Find Credential ID

I have completed the first certification and i want to add it on my LinkedIn profile, but i don’t know where to find the Credential ID as LinkedIn has that field.

The Credential ID should look similar to this:

To generate it, make sure you click on the “Verify this certification” link:

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Do you mean it’s the link?

I think you need to update your profile settings so that people can see the solutions that led to your getting the certificate

Yup. I think the link is in fact the Credential ID.

I think it’s only the part: “fccb548b96e-4feb-4d98-a078-234ace85d0d0”.

Where can I find that part?

It’s part of the link, notice the form of the link on the first post and what my answer on that was.

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I don’t see a credential ID.

does not have a key that it can be identified with.

it’s the url/account name

you should also be able to find a button that add it to the linkedin account

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Never mind. Its already on my LinkedIn account

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